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This site was created in the Web Design and Production II class at Antelope Valley College. Because this site was originally a team project, It has been slightly modified to highlight individual design elements for portfolio purposes.

For the first half of the semester, I was assigned to be team leader. As team leader, I oversaw the site page design and made sure that the site was consistent throughout every page. I wrote out the about page , which includes a short mission statement for the site to help set a direction for the team. I assigned team members certain pages of the site to build and provided additional tools to help create and organize site content. I wrote step-by-step instructions on how to use the new tools effectively and efficiently. I also worked one-on-one with team members to work through any problems or concerns about using the new tools.

Most of my work was in the back end adding functions, modifying php and css files, and setting up page structure for upcoming assignments. Some of the graphics I designed included the "fx" logo, free wifi graphic, orange header background, and blue background found on the bottom half of the seasonal specials page. Some of the sliders I put together can be found on the top of the home page and the top of the seasonal specials page. In the last half of the semester, I had planned to take the site (and my team members) to the next level with new design concepts and a more efficient workflow. However, a new team leader was assigned and the site took a different direction.

Throughout the semester, our team was not without its ups and downs. There were certainly design conflicts and conflict among individual team members, which is expected when a team first starts out. However, in the end, we had come a long way in working together as a team. Although some of the content on this site does not reflect my design style, I trust you can see it as a team effort. It is a site created by individuals who are still growing in knowledge of web design.

Thanks for viewing!
Will Lofgren

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